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Laminate Flooring Devon
Measuring for Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring Devon
Specialist installers of laminate flooring
Unlike wood, laminate flooring is incredibly hard wearing and offers a wider range of styles at cheaper prices. Laminates also require less maintenance. Like measuring for wood, will need to measure your room across its widest points, take into account bay windows and door entrances. 

Laminate Flooring Devon
To work out how many packs you will need, look at how your chosen laminate is sold. The pack will show how many square metres it will cover. Then divide your room into square metre sections and then this number by the quantity of square metres per pack.

This will tell you how many packs you need, don't forget to add 10% to cover wastage and oddments (it is unlikely that the dimensions of your room will be exactly laid out as a square will walls to an exact number of metres).

Want to know more? Then contact our laminate flooring experts who will walk you through every step of the way to ensure all needs have been met.
Laminate Flooring Devon Friendly and knowledgeable installers
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Laminate Flooring Devon
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