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Vinyl Flooring Exeter
"Our vinyl flooring is designed and installed to meet your individual requirements"
Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring Exeter
'High quality vinyl flooring, designed and installed to suit your property perfectly'
The benefits of a
quality vinyl floor
Vinyl offers a cost effective alternative for people who want the appearance of hand-crafted wooden floors or ceramic or stone tiles. With modern techniques vinyl manufacturers, such as Karndean, are able to offer 'wood' floors which not only look indistinguishable from the real thing but feel the same.
Vinyl Flooring Exeter Cost effective alternative for wooden floors
Vinyl Flooring Exeter Look and feel indistinguishable from wood
Vinyl Flooring Exeter Perfectly matches the decor in your property
Vinyl Flooring Exeter Huge range of finishes to choose from
Long lasting vinyl flooring designed around you
Whether you opt for a vinyl floor that mimics oak, teak, mahogany, pine or stone, it doesn't just look stunning but these styles are reproduced without the down sides. The vinyl will be softer and quieter than wood, as well as being warmer than stone.

Real wood, on the other hand, can be loud when walked on. While vinyl dampens sound, a hardwood floor will give the room a completely different atmosphere. The sound within a room with a real wooden floor will also carry further.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in the last few decades. It isn't the fragile, disposable floor surface it once had the reputation for. The development of latest generation of vinyl floors are built to survive the heaviest punishment in tough environments. They are used in high street stores, schools and hospitals, all with constant foot traffic. For years to come you will still havea beautiful floor, with no chips, cracks or splinters. You also don't need to sand it.

Wood is a tough durable surface, although it can wear if not taken care of properly. While it might not be a tough as a quality modern vinyl surface, it can be sanded and brought back to an 'as new' state. The only problem is that this is a time consuming process, even if it is occasional, and the floor can be permanently damaged by excessive moisture.
Vinyl Flooring Exeter
'Our vinyl flooring is perfect for high and low traffic areas in your property'
Vinyl Flooring Exeter
'Our long lasting vinyl flooring is easy to clean, and water cannot get between any cracks'
Ensure a safe, clean environment in your home
Whether you are having vinyl floor in your kitchen or living room, the easy to clean surface makes it ideal, especially when you have children. There are no cracks that bacteria and dirt can get caught in. The waterproof surface can be simply wipes clean whenever there is a spillage, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Wood floors will always have joins and although these can be filled and kept to a minimum, there is also the fibrous nature of the surface. Wood acts as a sponge, trapping a lot of things which come into contact with it. Although a good varnish will help protect the wood from water, it will still trap dirt and dust.

The latest floors are excellent value for money as they provide that hand crafted look with exceptional durability at an excellent price. The other benefit is that as manufactured products, vinyl flooring typically comes with a guarantee. This added reassurance gives you that little extra peace of mind, something which is a rarity with natural wood.

Having a wood floor installed is expensive. It can be very expensive. Caring for the wood floor isn't especially expensive on a day to day basis. But it is time consuming to refinish the floor.
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