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"Our carpets are perfect for a range of applications, from stairs to entire rooms"
Selecting The Right Carpet
Carpets Devon
'Hard wearing carpets, perfect for high traffic areas within your property'
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The sheer variety of carpets available can be daunting when you come to chose something for your home. When choosing a carpet you need to think ahead, what sort of wear is your carpet going to have to put up with.
Carpets Devon Designed and fitted around you
Carpets Devon Perfect for a range of rooms and areas
Carpets Fitters Devon Suitable for high traffic areas
Carpets Fitters Devon Long lasting solutions for your property
Discover the benefits of a soft carpet floor
Children and pets, everyone loves them by they do add that extra wear and tear to your floors. Carpets in a home that are going to be subjected to the sort of damage that children and animal cause. Not just from running and rolling around on it, but the sheer quantity of honest Devon dirt dragged in across your carpet on the feet of small people and canine paws.

The weave and material of the carpet will dictate how much punishment the carpet can take. It used to be simple, the softer the carpet, the faster it wears out. Modern materials means that this is no longer the case. Although the very softest of carpets is really only suitable for the bedroom where the foot traffic is low, you now aren't restricted to choosing a hard, uncomfortable flooring in even the busiest hallway if you expect it to last.
Carpet Fitter Devon
'Perfectly complement your property with a range of carpets to choose from'
Carpet Fitter Devon
'Our long lasting carpets are designed and fitted around your individual requirements'
Gain the perfect studying area with a carpet floor
The traffic which the carpet is subjected to also varies depending on where in your home the carpet is laid. An entryway carpet will wear fastest, simply because of the dirt, grit and debris on shoes as they walk across it. This can be mitigated by adding a good, large doormat, just as other high-traffic areas can be protected by using rugs.

The other factor to consider is sunlight. Sunlight carries ultra-violet (UV) radiation, which is one of the reasons to wear sun block. UV doesn't just damage skin, it can affect a whole host of things. Fabric can be especially susceptible to sunlight and carpets, which are left in the same position for years will be damaged by sunlight if they are regularly exposed to it. Most often, this is in conservatories, especially those which are south facing. The UV light bleaches the dyes in the carpet making it fade. Any sheltered parts of the carpet are protected from this and actually make the faded carpet stand out as there is an obvious contrast.

While exterior products which are subjected to UV are shielded against it, this isn't practical for interior furnishings. The only real protection is to block the UV radiation, which means either using blinds while your conservatory is not in use or applying UV blocking film to the window. Large windows can let enough sunlight in to cause long term sun exposure to carpet in any room of the house.
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