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Hardwood Flooring Exeter
"Long lasting hardwood flooring solutions, designed and installed to beautifully complement your property"
Solid Wood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring Exeter
'Hard wearing, solid wood flooring provides the perfect look for your property'
High quality
hardwood flooring
Whether you opt for real, solid wood or engineered wood flooring, laminates or vinyl imitation flooring, the character of your home will be given that touch of unmistakable class which the rich brown grained surface adds.
Hardwood Flooring Exeter Brands include Boen and Kährs
Hardwood Flooring Exeter Completely natural flooring
Hardwood Flooring Exeter Gorgeous solutions which last a lifetime
Hardwood Flooring Exeter Specialist installation services
The appeal of
hardwood flooring
What makes solid wood flooring so attractive is that it is completely natural flooring which is warm, attractive and long lasting flooring material. If you have heard scare stories about wood floors warping and splitting, then you should take a look at some nicely restored Victorian or Georgian houses. One of the most popular techniques for the restoration of these historic properties is to renovate the existing wood floors. Simply sanding and polishing these floors brings them back to life and leaves a stunning finish. These are wooden floors, laid without the benefits of modern treatments, which have last a century or two and are still in gorgeous condition and with the minimum of care will look as good in another century or two.

Obviously, not every one lives in a Victorian town house, so how do you recreate these beautiful floors in your home? Here at "The Exeter Flooring Company", Exeter's premier flooring specialists, we can supply and install a gorgeous solid wood floor which will last a lifetime. Wood is incredibly hard wearing, especially with some occasional care. Yes, wood is a living product and will expand and contract with changes to temperature and moisture. This is unavoidable with real wood which and simply requires an expert hand in fitting the floor to allow for this.
Hardwood Flooring Exeter
'Specialist solutions tailored around your individual needs and requirements'
Hardwood Flooring Exeter
'Our hardwood flooring comes in a range of styles for you to choose from'
Long lasting solutions for your property in Exeter
Where hardwood wins over its artificial substitutes is that it is real wood. Nothing looks as much like real wood flooring as real wood flooring does, simply because it is real wood flooring. Wood floors give any room a special feel. Not only the appearance, but the whole atmosphere from the air quality to the sound. Real wood has its own acoustic properties which can't be matched by any other type of flooring.

With a range of finishes and stains available, you can find a hardwood floor that matches your taste and design style. From modern minimalist to traditional farmhouse, wood adds to the decor and makes it complete. Our oak floors offer you a surface which is attractive and warm, not to mention long-lasting. All of our wood floors come with at least a 10 year guarantee, while the Heartwood range offers a full 20 years guarantee.

It is the organic and natural character which wood brings, with its distinctive grain and knots that creates a comfortable atmosphere in any room. The addition of rugs can accentuate the feel of the room and provide further warmth.
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