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Carpets Exeter
"High quality carpets, designed to perfectly complement a range of rooms in your property"
Caring For Carpets
Carpets Exeter
'Long lasting carpets designed to suit your room perfectly'
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Exeter carpet experts, "The Exeter Flooring Company", can supply and fit a carpet that transforms a room, perfectly suited to your tastes and desires. To keep your new carpet in excellent condition, you should follow our tips on caring for it.
Carpets Exeter High quality carpets
Carpets Exeter Specialist solutions designed around you
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Carpet Fitters Exeter Maintenance products for your carpet
Maintaining and caring
for your carpet
Regularly vacuuming your carpet is the best way of ensuring that it will last. Dirt and debris in the carpet will eventually result in the carpet wearing away and this can be postponed by regular cleaning. It is wise to know a little about your carpet before vacuuming. All carpet manufacturers recommend high-suction upright vacuum cleaners, which are able to more efficiently remove dirt from the carpet fibres. Beater bars (the rotating brushes within the vacuum cleaner head) should be used on cut pile carpets, but not on loop pile carpets where they can damage the fibres.

Loose material from the carpet is likely to occur at some point. In a cut-pile carpet, some fibres will be loose from the backing (due to the way in which these carpets are manufactured). When our carpets leave our Exeter showroom, we do try to ensure that it arrives at your home in perfect condition, but there may be some loose material which will quickly makes themselves apparent and become noticeable. These will be cleaned up during normal cleaning and are nothing to worry about.
Carpet Fitters Exeter
'We have a range of styles available to suit your individual needs'
Carpet Fitters Exeter
'Our carpets are can last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance'
What to look for when maintaining your carpet
Pulled loops in a loop pile carpet are usually the result of part of the material being caught on a sharp object, such a shoe heel. These should never be simply pulled out, as you will pull more than one loop and cause a 'ladder' in the carpet, something more serious than in a stocking.

The correct procedure for dealing with a pulled loop is to cut it away with scissors, preferably as soon as you notice it. Leaving it can mean that it gets caught and pulled. You should certainly cut it away before you vacuum next. Loop pile carpets can also suffer from being flattened as everyday traffic flattens the fibres within the carpet. Regular vacuuming should correct this as the suction from the vacuum cleaner restores the fibres. Be aware that your vacuum cleaner can lose suction if it uses a bag or filter and this is not changed or emptied regularly. Come into our Exeter carpet showroom and speak to one of our experts about how you can take care of your carpet without damaging it.

Accidental spills on the carpet need to be dealt with immediately, otherwise the carpet can be permanently stained or damaged. Hot, coloured liquids all work in much the same way a dye when they come into contact with wool carpets. For any hope in removing it, whether it is tea, coffee, soup, gravy, blood or vomit, the spill needs to be mopped up and dealt with. It does vary from substance to substance, but most stains can be removed with a light application of a good wool detergent mixed in equal measures with water and white vinegar.
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