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Vinyl Flooring Tiling Exeter
Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Fitting
Vinyl Flooring Exeter
Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Supply and Fitting

We stock a huge selection of luxury vinyl flooring that offers the best of both worlds. With our stunning natural look flooring you will not be breaking the bank.

Our vinyl flooring products are very versatile and together with great affordability, it is an ideal solution for almost any room.

Vinyl Flooring Exeter Extremely durable and hard wearing
Vinyl Flooring Exeter Highly realistic, wood effect appearance
Luxury Vinyl Flooring Exeter Waterproof and low maintenance
Exeter Vinyl Floors
Leoline Flooring Exeter
  Experts in vinyl flooring, Leoline provide customers with hi-tech flooring solutions that are designed to last. Offering both vinyl and vinyl tiles, leoline offer high quality throughout their floors.
Leoline Flooring
Vonyl tile flooring Exeter
Exeter Polyflor Vinyl Flooring
  Polyflor manufacture state of the art flooring, the luxury vinyl tiles made by Polyflor are the perfect blend of high quality flooring with luxurious designs.
Polyflor Flooring
Vinyl Flooring Exeter
Vinyl Flooring Exeter Make a dramatic difference
Vinyl Floor Tiles Exeter Provide extra warmth underfoot
Vinyl Tile Flooring Exeter Help add value to your property
Vinyl Tile Flooring Exeter A beautiful, lasting investment
Vinyl Floor Tiles Exeter Natural beauty of real wood

Our flooring doesn't just look incredible but feels great to touch too. This new flooring will help to make your living space have a deluxe appearance and a friendly feel. This flooring is great because it doesn't harbour any extra dirt as there are no fibres, making your floor ultra hygienic and easier to maintain.

We have a balanced range of sheet vinyl from traditional modern and abstract designs to offering you a balance between the look and performance of your chosen flooring.
Benefits of Luxury
Vinyl Flooring
Wood Flooring Exeter
Highly Durable
Unlike solid wood floors luxury vinyl tiles will not splinter or mark with shoes and they are extremely hard wearing. Expansion gaps are not needed because they will not expand or contract. Unlike ceramic or stone tiles, vinyl tiles will not chip or crack and therefore will hold their shape and appearance for longer.
Wood Flooring Exeter
Realistic Appearance
They are made to the highest technical standard, which make them nearly identical in appearance to their natural counterpart. If you are looking for a rustic or distressed look then you are sure to find the style tile you are looking for.
Wood Flooring Exeter
These tiles are waterproof this is why they are a popular choice to have in your kitchen or bathroom as it is easier to clean up any spillages.
Vinyl Flooring Exeter
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